Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Biggest America’s Comic-Cons, San Diego Comic-Con

As a cosplayer and also one of journalists in the future, I am interested in Comic-Cons in the U.S., not only because I want to join in this kind of activity in a different country but also because it is valuable to be reported.

Until now, I have not had a chance to join a Comic-Con in the U.S., but Internet is a great tool to help me find something about U.S. Comic-Con.

Most of American comic fans are looking forward to taking part in one of the biggest Comic-Cons in the U.S. named San Diego Comic-Con. Even if I was in China, I heard this Comic-Con, it is not only the biggest Comic-Con in the U.S. but also the biggest Comic-Con in the world, many awesome cosplayers,cosplay groups, movie stars, TV stars would come together, and comic fans would have a audio-visual feast.

There is a question, why San Diego Comic-Con has a great successful? There are some reasons below:

1. Star effect
Don't you want to see your idols in a close range? I think the answer of this question is undoubtedly, you want to do it, you want to see them. That is what makes this comic-con has a lot of fans.
Here is an example, Karen Gillan is a actress from Scotland, she joined in this Comic-Con in 2013, her fans must did not want to lose this opportunity, they want to see her!

Karen Gillan in San Diego Comic-Con
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2. Comic Fans
From those pictures below, you can image how enthusiastic comic fans are! Because of them, this Comic-Con can get such a big success!
Comic-Con crowd inside the second floor of the convention center in 2011 awaiting the exhibition hall to open.
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Comic Con crowds in 2011 as seen from a helicopter – Panorama.
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3.Commercial Value
Comic-Cons have great commercial value, for San Diego Comic-Con International, there are many people all over the world would like to join the big party, from Wikipedia I found that: As of November 2012, there is a $520 million proposed expansion to the San Diego Convention Center. The proposed expansion would increase the available space within the convention center by 33 percent and has a target completion date of early 2016. Due to the proposed expansion of the convention center, Comic Con extended its contract for San Diego to 2016.
And this Comic-Con also has a great value of tourism. People not only join the Comic-Con but also have a travel in San Diego, it helps San Diego get a lot of money!

Next time I will talk about the difference between Comic-Con in China and the U.S., I hope you guys would enjoy it!

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  1. That is amazing information for me. I thought cosplay only playing in the Asian country like China and Japan. But It prove that I am wrong.