Saturday, November 9, 2013

Different Opinions of Cosplay

Actually, cosplay is an activity which has a lot of controversies.
Some people love cosplay, and some other people do not like cosplay, indeed hate cosplay.
This time, I clear up those different opinions from different groups.
Most of young people can accept cosplay, it is a modern thing in the world, when it was brand-new, young people who loves comic, game and animation want to try to act a role from those stuff they love. And now, cosplay become a common activity, more and more cosplayers appeared in different countries, more and more amazing cosplayers appeared.
By a net citizen named Hazel Shotgun, she is a cosplayer and she said that she love to cosplay. So she shall continue to cosplay and cosplay is expensive. So she shall continue slowly.She also said that what I mention in my posts before, cosplay also includes acting and it is not only dress-up, so learn to act like your character if you consider yourself a cosplayer and not just a costume wearer and cosplayers need to enjoy cosplaying. Its an art.
But there still are some people have different opinion, such like a net citizen from Soompi named JaruJaru, he thought cosplay is stupid and cosplay is boring.
To be honest, most people think cosplay and cosplayers are none of their business, if cosplay would make some people happy, it doesn't matter.
For older generations, they cannot understand what is cosplay, this is a gap between different generation, such like some people don't understand rock music.
In my opinion, cosplay is a happy activity, we as cosplayers, can learn a lot of things from it, cosplay makes us happy and this is a important way to show how we love a character or comic, game and animation.
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  1. I agree with that. I mean I love cartoon so I can accept Cosplay. As I said cosplay is art, is show of your idea and courage.