Friday, November 15, 2013

Differences Between China's and America's Comic-Cons

Hi, see you again! Today, the topic of my post is differences between China's and America's Comic-Cons.

I have a cosplay group in Chian named Fashion 1943(风尚1943). As a cosplay team, we not only take cosplay photos and join some cosplay competitions, but also host a small Comic-Con named Comic Flying. We host this Comic-Con for 3 years. It is hard to host a Comic-Con, it needs enough money and time, but we still enjoy it.
Comic-Cons always make ACG fans feel warm and sweet, you can easily find many people who have the same hobby with you, and you can also make many friends from
a Comic-Con.

Today, I want to make a comparison between China's and America's Comic-Cons.Even if all of those Comic-Cons will make people happy, but because of different culture, there are still some differences between them.

First of all,the contents are different. Comic-Cons of China always show some China's and Japan's animation, Comic and Games. We can call them Asia ACG. But in the U.S., Comic-Cons always full of America's native animations and some of Japan's animation. I have to say, American persons do a better job in animation than Chinese do. American has more creative ability than Chinese has.

The second difference between two countries Comic-Cons is that even if there is a Comic-Con called "International Comic-Con" in China, they still have a lot of native animations. I think those people who work on animation in China show learn more things from another country and they cannot just copy something but not create anything.

In my opinion, the last part is that in China's Comic-Cons, they not always invite comic artists from other countries, but American's are not. In America's Comic-Cons we can find multi-culture.
China's Comic-Con: Comic Flying
Cosplayer Name: Inofan
I took this picture in Comic Flying 1, this a character from China's native animation.

America's Comic-Con: San Diego Comic-Con International
Image from:
We can find different characters such as Batman, Captain America. All of them are from America's native animations.

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