Monday, November 4, 2013

Photoshop skill of cosplay

Today I will show you some skills of cosplay's Photoshop! I took cosplay photos at the night after Halloween. This was the first time I took cosplay photos in the U.S. and I felt excited! And now I'd like to share some Photoshop skills with you.
Before PS
Cosplayer Name: Asami-Mio( me )

After PS

From the before-PS picture, we can find the chiaroscuro is obvious and the color of my eyes is obvious, I need to change them.

First of all,duplicate the layer,then Layer Properties choose overlay, opacity 43% ,after this step,picture will like this:
we can find chiaroscuro became apparent

Second,choose Merge Visible and duplicate the layer,choose soft layer and opacity 39% ,then Merge Visible. We can find at the right bottom corner of this picture has some pink things, it is not the stuff that allowed to appear in this picture, so we need to use Clone Stamp Tool to make it disappears. After this step, picture will like that:

And I also find that there are something wrong with my makeup, because of the flash, my makeup become soft. For change it, I need use Dodge Tool and Burn Tool and then the makeup will be good and my eyes will look bigger lol.

My skin is not very well, I have acne,for solving this problem,I need to use Spot Healing Brush tool
Now,guess what? There are no acne on my face! I also find my tongue prosthesis does not look well,actually I think it doesn't look like a tongue, so I use Dodge Tool and Burn Tool make it look better.

Now it looks better. Last but not the least step is change the color of my eyes.
We need to use Hue/Saturation and then choose coloration, making my eyes redder.

We finish it! The picture looks better now!

This is the first time I use English to make a Photoshop tutorials, I wish it would be helpful! Thank you guys!

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  1. It is amazing tool to make a picture. Since when I was use QQ zone, I was wondering to study photoshop with very professional way.