Sunday, November 3, 2013

Best Halloween in the U.S.!

This Thursday, with other Chinese students, we celebrated our first America Halloween. I just want to say, it was awesome! Thursday night,people worn costumes and had amazing makeup, it just perfect!
As a cosplayer, I'd like to help other people preparing their makeup.We have wonderful time in Burger Stand!
Model: Sam Zhu
I took this picture

Model: An awesome lady in Burger Stand
I took this picture

Model: Arvin Zhang(My most successful makeup model!)
I took this picture

Model: Arvin Zhang
I took this picture.

Model: Arvin Zhang(He got top 3 in Burger Stand Costume Competition)
I took this picture

Model: Arvin Zhang   PS: Alex Gao   Photo: Alex Gao

For this wonderful night, we also took some interesting videos.

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  1. Such a good party! This is third time to celebrate Halloween. I was remember first time to make up look like zombie is very awesome feeling. Anyway you make up is very well as like we talk about this. I like the picture of zombie. Good post bro.