Sunday, November 17, 2013

Long Tail & Animation

The long tail effect shows that many niche markets can gather and becomes a large market, I think some situations from animation also contain the principle of the long tail effect, in this post, I will write the long tail effect in animation.

1.Niche Animations
Some cosplayers call themselves as niche cosplayer, they like niche animations more than popular animations. All most people know what is NARUTO, ONE PIECE, BLEACH, all of those are popular animations. Just few people know about BLACK LAGOON,怪-AYAKASHI,those kinds of animations are called Niche Animation. The number of persons who like these niche animations can not be compared to the number of persons who like popular animations. But in fact, there are just a few animations could become such a popular animation works, popular animations always has its own reason to be popular, when many niche animations' fans gathered, the number of them can be compared to the number of popular animations' fans, and then, niche animations gathered and become a huge market.

Personally, I love niche animations more than popular animations, I am one of those customers walk on the long tail.

2.Personalized Service
Animation industry has a very broad commercial space. With the development as well as increased demand for products and personalized services to promote the development of minority businesses. This is why in today's animation industry has been confirmed, more and more people are seeking personalized service, requiring unique, so there will be a small-scale and personalized service, and we have more and more animation exclusive customs.

3.Bilateral Markets and the Long Tail Effect

Diminishing marginal costs of Internet makes the business world has a long tail from a lot of third-party intermediary services, showing a profit of blue, reflected in the mathematical curve is the long tail effect. Traditional bilateral market economy under the cost of sales by industrial constraints can not play out of the infinite long tail, the tail showed limited, and the information economy tends to lead to long-tail effect infinite, so bilateral market in the information economy, it becomes a universal industrial organization phenomena, long tail effect become important in the new economy and profitable marketing model.

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