Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How to take cosplay photo shoot in the night?

In Halloween season, cosplayers want to take cosplay photo shoot in the night, it is a kind of amazing experience, so do I. Today, I'd like to introduce you how to use speedlite in night photo shoot.

First of all, we need two speedlites and one DRL camera.(My stuff are YN560-III, YN560-II and Canon 60D with 50mm 1:1:8 II and 16-35mm)
 YN560-ii Image from:

YN560-III Image from:

Canon 60D Image from:

Arrangement of the light source as this picture show you.
I made this picture

Use 4 Channels Wireless/ Radio Flash Trigger Set With 2 Receivers, then you will have a picture like this:
I took this picture.
By using this way, you can take cosplay photo shoot in the night~
I hope you will enjoy it~

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