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World-Class Cosplay Competition, WCS( World Cosplay Summit)

WCS 2011
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When we talk about cosplay, people will think about cosplayers' wonderful equipment and the awesome stage. A minute on the stage takes then-year practice, for taking part in a world-class cosplay competitions, cosplayers try their best to practice, finally, some of those cosplayers win them favors return.

World-class cosplay competitions have magic to make cosplayers all over the world want to win them, today, I will show you the most famous world-class cosplay competition, let's join the audio-visual feast.

WCS, short of world cosplay summit, is a international cosplay competition which first held on 2003 in Nagoya, Japan.It becomes one of the international influence, match with international participation the strongest in the world. Before 2007, the number of participating countries has increased to 12 (include France, Spain, Germany, Italy, China, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Brazil, South Korea, Denmark, Mexico).

In 2008, the WCS event -- the United States of South America applied to join in this world-class competition, not only the U.S. wanted to join in but also Australia, Australia joined in 2009. A year later, the coverage of WCS will be in Europe, America, Asia, Australia and four continents, and the number of participating countries will reach 14 more countries (France, Spain, Germany, Italy, China, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Brazil, South Korea, Denmark, Mexico, Finland, the United States of America).

In 2012, the country increased to 20 countries.Including China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Russia, the United States, Mexico, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Holland, Finland, Brazil, Australia.

WCS held annually in early August, at the appointed time, from all over the world COSPLAY fans will gather to Japan's Nagoya, to participate in the local big to COSPLAY parade, the world summit of the COSPLAY contest, COSPLAY exchange, COS exchange activities. Because WCS activity is to represent the various countries to the participants, so every year in October to next June will hold a selection activity in all the country, by selecting the winning athlete can go to Japan for a competition.

WCS is the world's most influential one of the event, the strongest international participation. Every year to the competing countries Japan as many as 20 country. For without the experience of WCS finals of the people, a little mystery in all association japan!

WCS 2013
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