Friday, November 22, 2013

Famous Cosplayers All Over The World

In this post, I'd like to introduce you some famous cosplayers all over the world. Nowadays, cosplay is a popular activity in the fashion world, there are several awesome cosplayers inspire us.

1. Yuegene Fay
She is a cosplayer from Thailand, her works are wonderful, all of her makeup, her Photoshop skills, her manipulative ability are perfect. You can find her WorldCosplay Page here:
She have played cosplay for ten years, and she born with 1/4 Chinese descent, she represent Thailand join in World Cosplay Summit in 2007 and 2009.
Fay's cosplay works(From Nana)
Image from:

She is a cosplayer from Japan. As her words, she is a OTAKU and love animation and cosplay very much.
As we know, Japan's animations are very good, what Reika does is trying her best to restore characters from a virtual world, she wanna make a role in the true world. You can find Reika's WorldCosplay Page here:
Reika's cosplay works(From Attack on Titan)
Image from:

3.Baozi and Hana
These two guys are couple, from China. Both of them are handsome, they always act some characters together. Cosplayers like them because their works are excellent!

You can find their WorldCosplay page here(They use the same page):

Baozi and Hana's cosplay works(From Free)
Image from:
4. Xizhen
As I know, Xizhen is one of the earliest cosplayers in China. When not all of us know what is cosplay, she already played it, and she did a good job! Even now, Xizhen is 30-year-old, she continues play cosplay. Her experience told us, never too old to enjoy your hobby, when you have your hobby, there is no age gap anymore!
Xizhen's cosplay works.(From Pili)
For restoring a character, as a woman, Xizhen is that brave and she shaved her hair clearly.
Image from:

5.Yaya Han
She is one of the most famous cosplayers in the U.S..She have joined in cosplay for at least 12 years. Because of her excellent makeup and property, she has a lot of fans all over the world.
You can find her WorldCosplay Page here:
Yaya Han's cosplay works(From Mulan)
Image from:

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  1. l like your cosplay picture more than other cosplay picture, Cuz they still give me very stranger and untrue feel.