Thursday, August 29, 2013


Hey guys!

My name is Xinyue Gao, you can call me Alex, because this name is easy to pronounce.I come from China ,and now I'm majoring Mass Media in Washburn University as a exchange student for one year. This blog is going to be about the cosplay world.You would see something like: cosplay all over the world, cosplay skills, leagues of cosplay, cosplay culture,social media&cosplay,and so on.
Cosplay actually from ACG(Animation,Comic,Game)world which teach us the importance of to be brave,to be honest and never give up.

If you have the same hobby with me,and want to be a cosplayer or you already are a cosplayer but you want to make more friends around the world ,follow my blog“COSPLAY IS A WORLD LANGUAGE”,I would never let you down!I would be appreciate If you like my blog.


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